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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Having a blog with the word "hooker" has really turned into something of a social experiment... yeah yeah we all know the world is obsessed with fucking, and all things sex blabbity blah from the endless material we find and get. But seeing the blog stats is really... interesting...? Terrifying? HILARIOUS! It's like peeping into someone's private world.... google voyerism! We see everything, so don't even try to negate this or I'll tramp stample you all to death.

Ya'll search for hooker in every way possible and unpossible... there's a lot of predictability and a lot of.... not.

--hookers "doinit"
--tranny hookers (zzzz)
--hookers cumming (double zzzzzz)
--street corner hookers (sleeping pills zzzzzz)
--hookers hookin (i'd be friends with this linguist)
--croutch hooker (wtf is this? like in a bush? or is there a Croutching Hooker, Hidden Dragon porn we don't know about?)
--hooker camping (shut the hooker up, they DO this??? i'll report back with my research)
--emergency hookers (wtf?? break in case of fire? it must squirt water out)
--garfield hooker (extremely popular)
and on and on...

Also - there is definitely weird shit going down in Pakistan.

The absurdity of life aside, this is by far the other best part of doing all this pointless bullshit. It's entertaining, and eye opening, as all get out... a lot like watching a hooker run around Sluts R Us in platform stilettos on a 60 second shopping spree fueled by a 4 day coke binge and stolen credit card. Welcome to Awesomeville, population: the. entire. world.

Well, class is dismissed dickheads.  And don't forget your art homework for next time.

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